I always dreamed of visiting the city of Salem. It’s still strange isn’t it? Between you and me, horrific atrocities have been committed there. This city has known the greatest mysteries, but also the greatest suffering.
In a not-so-distant era, when people were discovering a new continent and social tensions were far from what we are experiencing today, people lived with the rhythm of the seasons and what the Earth had to offer. When something was inexplicable, it was necessarily the work of dark forces. So unfortunately, 25 innocent people, called witches died in 1692.

It is with all these perspectives in mind that I finally took the road to Salem at the beginning of October 2017 to feel the energy of this land, 325 years later. All my recommendations are based on real experiences and I encourage you to experiment with them.

So here’s my top 10 things to do in Salem
when you are a real witch.


1- Arrive at night. At the most mysterious time. Why not 4am, when all the inhabitants are sleeping and the city is in its darkest moment. You will then see some things that might surprise you! The architecture is different at night, the shadows are captivating and the creatures are less fierce. In addition, you will have the opportunity to attend the sunrise.22154424_10159448964865224_676548605300173544_n

2- Open your heart and your mind! Be ready to receive what the energy of the city will offer you. Do not make an official plan! You can sleep in your car as needed and observe the stars. There is no limit to your imagination.



3- Go with a loved one, with whom you can share your experiences and thoughts. So you can talk a lot about this travel later and how you felt together.

4- Encourage small local businesses. Talk to the people of the city. Why not take the opportunity to get a haircut? I highly recommend visiting Simard Barber Stylist. You will meet a lady who has been doing her job for more than 40 years at this address. She saw the city evolve and her stall is frozen in time.

5- Go close your eyes a few moments on the sofas of Gulu-Gulu Cafe to relax your ride! This is the place to see the local fauna evolve and see what happens in the city. The atmosphere is warm and the coffee is always fresh! You will find the boost to go back to adventure.

6- Avoid big group tourist attractions or museums with shady themes. Simply walking in the city and soaking in one’s essence is enough. You will save money and time. If you still want to do some attractions, I recommend the Witch House. A vintage atmosphere without the fake cheap mannequins found in other attractions. A look in the past that seems pretty faithful to me.


7- Not far from the Witch House, you can admire a beautiful garden on the site of Ropes Mansion. A totally free moment of happiness. During my visit, many people were sitting to read or simply to meditate in the beautiful garden. I also saw a beautiful tree worth saluting.


8- If you wish to make purchases, you have the embarrassment of choice! A panoply of more original shops than the others. There are shops that are rather humorous, and others more thematic. But if I have one place to recommend, it’s definitely Coven’s Cottage. As soon as I entered this shop, I felt at home. I shed a tear of happiness. Simply be surrounded by people who share the same philosophies of life and be in communion with each and every one of them.


9- After all these places are visited, you can again agree for a moment for yourself. I invite you to leave the tourist and cultural downtown to head to the water. A beautiful beach is 7 minutes away by car. It is with pleasure that you will walk on a white sand beach among thousands of shells. At Dead Horse Beach, you can soak your feet in the warm water of the ocean and admire the life of the seaside.


10- You can not go to Salem, without spending a few minutes in the beautiful cemeteries of the city. They are numerous. Be attentive to the beauty of these places. Spend some time meditating in these places with heavy meaning, but be careful because it is forbidden to enter it after a certain time of night. Take the opportunity to leave an offering to the dead, put your hands on the ground and drop a few words on hold in the universe to soothe troubled minds.


I wish you a wonderful visit of the city!
Feel free to share your experiences with me if you have made your own personal tour!


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